КАРАТЭ is the difficult physical and psychological complex of exercises demanding full understanding of each element. Without it training КАРАТЭ is impossible. The basic preparation promoting mastering of this art, psychological preparation of the fighter is. Before each training it is necessary to adjust correctly first of all the mentality and to direct the thoughts to the necessary channel.

Каратэ is a way on which many go all life, tempering the body, strengthening spirit, opening in itself all new and new abilities and moving apart borders of the possibilities.

Employment каратэ gives the chance to see, how the vanity is useless. Learn to train modestly, but with indefatigable determination. One of the most important principles of employment каратэ-it patience. It is necessary to be patient, facing, with it would seem, repetition of bases not having practical value. So it is simple. However, with experience the patience is lost. Is sad to hear, how the today's youth shouts: "To me it is boring!" Not enough value indulges now in development of patience and self-discipline. Certainly, to children the discipline in many things takes root, but to them do not speak what for it it is necessary. Today the majority of young men concerns patience and self-discipline as to additional work which they can carry out at will, and have the right to choose, it is necessary to them or not But the truth consists that the patience and discipline can be considered as keys fortunately and self-realisation in a life. If каратэ was a subject of training for all children, it would serve to general change of the relation - it shows the latent beauty of discipline and self-checking, and shows through system of degrees that is long won awards of patience considerably more more important, than короткосрочные impatience "achievements".



Novitsky Irina Anatolevna - the teacher of an additional education of the higher qualifying category on каратэ, 3 is given.


Zelenkov Dmitry Valerevich - the teacher of an additional education of the higher qualifying category, 3 is given


Stolen tigers prepare for the World championship


The Yaroslavl young sportsmen have won permits on world superiority on каратэ. This autumn children will battle to the best karatekas of a planet and, of course, count on medals.